Indonesia Air Transport 2015

Title: Air Transport 2015
Publisher: Getting The Deal Through



1. Which bodies regulate aviation in your country, under what basic laws?

The basic law governing aviation is laid down by the parliament, currently through Law No. 1 of 2009 on Aviation (the Aviation Law). The Aviation Law authorises the Ministry of Transport (MoT) to cover not only further implementing regulations but also control and supervision.

2. How is air transport regulated in terms of safety?

Air transport safety is regulated by the MoT in accordance with international standards. Strict requirements are mandated by the MoT as to the airworthiness and operations of aircraft, qualification as aircraft operators, airport standards, safe flight operation zones, maintenance of aircraft, technical and operational requirements for flight navigation services (air traffic control), and for the granting licensing schemes for pilots, crew, ground staff, flight procedure design and air traffic controllers.

3. What safety regulation is provided for air operations that do not constitute public or commercial transport and how is the distinction made?

Private operators are subject to regulations that in most respects are identical to the regulations applicable to airlines.

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