Litigation & Dispute Resolutions

Based on our experience, we found that corporate litigation is closely related to the implementation of good governance in business practice, which has the fundamental intention of achieving the highest levels of prosperity for the stakeholders. In order to assist our clients to accomplish conducive growth in their business, we help them to resolve claims and disputes through the best possible mechanism to avoid the costly and timely dispute resolution procedures. We assist our clients to resolve disputes to reach a beneficial settlement as early as possible.

Attorneys of Bahar and Partners deliver a totally high effort with remarkable results in representing various companies, in domestic arbitration proceedings and on a case relating to the execution of an international arbitration award amounting to US$ hundred million.

We advised a major international securities company in an international arbitration proceeding concerning certain aspects of Indonesia’s capital market laws. We have been trusted as the experts witness to foreign companies in international arbitration proceedings.

We are appointed by an international company to represent their shareholder as an Indonesian legal counsel to handle a class action claim in which the allegation was mostly based on competition arguments.

In addition to the commercial dispute resolution, we are advising several companies in corporate transactions of the companies, including the operational aspects, business licenses matters, expatriates and related labor issues. We also provided our clients with various legal advices with respect to its subsidiaries in Indonesia and in the preparation of employment manual and other related labor issues.