Business Competition

Law No.5/1999 Concerning the Prohibition of Monopolistic Practices and Unfair Business Competition (Undang Undang Tentang Larangan Praktek Monopoli dan Persaingan Usaha Tidak Sehat) was enacted as one of the Government’s responses to restore the economy and the market after the economic crises in 1998. Nowadays, the Government is attempting to enhance the implementation of legal provisions required to promote the conduciveness and fairness in market practice.

In order to truly become a full-service legal consultant, the firm realized that the formation of a Business Competition Division was needed. Bahar & Partners is committed to safeguarding the ideas, information, and people that define our clients’ business success by providing our services to represent the clients in disputes involving unfair competition and breach of non-competition covenants.

Bahar & Partners’ Business Competition practice has special expertise in:

  1. Anti-competitive behaviors
  2. Cartel investigations
  3. Competition litigation
  4. Rules on anti-competitive agreements
  5. Cartels and abuse of dominance
  6. Antitrust mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures

The strategy was proven to be correct as our firm was subsequently entrusted to represent our clients in many diverse cases.