Banking & Finance

As a corporate legal firm, Bahar & Partners recognizes the important role that banks and other financiers play in the development of the Indonesian economy. Our Securities, Banking & Finance practice area offers the full range of securities, banking and financial legal services.

We provide advices in relevance with financial products, including shares, commercial paper, loans and other debt-related instruments transactions both, local and international. The firm has represented various parties, namely domestic and international banks, financial institutions, and various companies on a wide variety, including commercial, merchant, investment banks, and insurance companies as well as borrowers, lessees, in a broad range of commercial financing transactions. Our works cover structuring loan transactions and debt issues, bilateral and loan syndications, mergers & acquisitions of banks and financial institutions, sale and purchase, registration and enforcement of loans and security, reviewing and drafting of bank standard documentations, as well as other financing related transactions including project finance.

Our practice area is highly competent in handling Securities, Banking & Finance in any size and scope, whether small or complex structures. We prioritize in the business interests of our clients, and we are aware of all relevant business issues. Therefore, in handling Securities, Banking & Finance transactions, our team of lawyers work in a responsive, efficient, and cost effective manner, applied in all transactions to assist clients in achieving their business goals.

Bahar & Partners’ Securities, Banking and Finance practice has special expertise in:

  1. Capital Markets
  2. Corporate Finance, Structure Finance & Securitization
  3. Debt Restructuring
  4. Project Finance
  5. Banking
  6. Financial Services
  7. Private Equity