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August 27, 2015

GTDT - Aviation Finance & Leasing


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To meet the high demand of the air transport industry, leasing or purchasing new aircraft is inevitably important for Indonesian airlines and/or private jet/charter operators. In that regard, Bahar & Partners is pleased to provide a highlight of aircraft finance and leasing framework under the Indonesian laws and practices as your reference and guidance (as attached). This highlight is part of our newest publication, Getting The Deal Through – Aviation Finance & Leasing, which represents our contribution and commitment to aviation industry in Indonesia.


Bahar & Partners Transportation practice area, is a specific legal area under Infrastructure & Transportation Practice Group. This practice area by its experience and background is well equipped to provide the full spectrum of aviation industry and compliance assistance and support to our various clients. Our team has in depth knowledge of the industry, such as in the area of aircraft financing, airport development, insurance, litigation, etc.


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