About The Firm

Bahar & Partners was founded in October 1992. Since its founding, Bahar & Partners is focused on providing legal services in various fields of corporate and business law.

In line with various specializations in the law firm, the mission of Bahar & Partners is to develop a highly competent legal consultant office with each lawyer has industry knowledge in its area and is responsive in providing legal services to clients.  Bahar & Partners recruits only legal consultants with high scholastic achievements from both domestically and internationally well-known universities. The firm continuously conducts internal training programs designed to supplement our legal consultants’ academic capabilities and practical experience with logical thinking process in dealing with real-life cases.

In each of its area of services, Bahar & Partners has handled various domestic as well as international transactions involving diverse parties, both domestic and foreign parties.

Through various transactions that we handled, Bahar & Partners interacts with various government agencies and institutions.